Where is Thomas Lester Photography?

So... you typed in thomaslesterphotography.com and you wound up here.  Well, I've made some changes.  First, this is my new website.  Not too long ago I was finally able to purchase the tomlester.com domain.  I finally had the time to put this together.  Second, I'm no longer taking on new wedding clients.  This new site is all about my life, my work, and my adventures.  


1.  Are you still making photographs?

Yes.  I'm mostly focused on two things right now.  One, exploring images that stretch my personal creativity.  I'm trying to find my new voice.  Two, I'm pouring into my daughter, Rachel, who is a very good young photographer who is going to Douglas Anderson School of the Arts for photography.  

2.  Are you taking any new clients?

Yes, but on a limited and very selective basis.  I'm trying to develop new looks.  If you think you are willing truly let me explore my vision, then please contact me so we can discuss making images together.

3.  Are you done with weddings?

For now.  However, I have a vision for how I'd really like to shoot weddings.  It's unique and would produce wedding images like no other photographer.  I want to shoot a limited number of weddings in this unique style.  It will take me some time to work out the process and techniques.  Until then, I'm taking a break.  Are you getting married and are interested in trying something different.  Contact me.  

4.  I want to purchase some prints from our past sessions.  Can I still do that?

Yes.  Contact me