Avoiding Death

This image says it all... this was my motivation to get started when I finally went to the doctor after 5 years without a physical and she tells me I have Type 2 diabetes (A1C was over 11 and fasting blood sugar was in the high 400's) and critically high blood pressure (200/100). Anyone who knows well knows I hate medicine and do not like going to the doctor. And here I was with a stack of prescriptions and my doctor telling me I was going to die if I didn't make dramatic lifestyle changes. I broke down in her office. I was literally in tears. She gave me a big hug and told me I could do this. 

The next day I joined a gym and had a salad for lunch. I started reading "Diabetes for Dummies" and everything else I could get my hands on to learn about what was happening in my body. It took a while, but started learning what to eat and what not to eat. What foods I though were healthy, but weren't (like granola bars, bagels, etc). I started to lift weights and being more active. It was a slow ramp up to where I am now. 

Today, I prep my meals for the week on Sunday. I eat almost all organic, from raw fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. I work out and lift heavy 4 days a week. I try to get in 2-3 additional cardio sessions per week as well. 

This morning was my 4th follow up with my doctor since that awful day that I got the news. I've dropped over 30 lbs. I've added a lot of lean muscle. Here's the best part... my A1C is now 6. This is non-diabetic. She walks in and opens with... "So, do you want to start weening yourself off the diabetes medicine?" HECK YEAH I DO!!! She said I was a rockstar for the changes I've made. My blood pressure was 130/80. She wants it to be 120/80 or better, but I'm close. I'll be staying on the blood pressure meds for now.

I haven't reached my goal, yet... but I will. If you read this far, let me just say this... don't let your health slip away. It's one of the few things you can actually control in this life. Eat healthy, exercise vigorously every day, relax HARD! It's definitely worth it!

Special thanks to John-Jana Mier for guiding me through the initial process of both weight training and nutrition. Huge things to Heather for being the best encourager on the planet and letting me spend obscene amounts of money on really healthy ingredients, keeping my gym clothes washed and all my shaker bottles washed, and especially for ooh'ing and ah'ing over my muscle gains. Nothing will drive you to the gym faster than a beautiful woman that wants to touch your muscles!!!